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Equipping the compassionate and setting the captives free | Isaiah 61: 1-4
The Sanctuary
Soul Care Centre

The Sanctuary Soul Care Centre

Healing the nation

Who We Are

Sanctuary Soul Care Centre is interdenominational and run by a board of trustees from different churches

We are registered as a non-profit organisation with the department of social development. We offer affordable biblical based counselling, training, prayer ministry and retreats to all those whether believers or not. We ask for a minimum contribution of R200 per session (if you cannot afford this then please contact our centre manager to discuss). We, of course, will appreciate contributions above R200.



Sanctuary exists to bring healing to the community through biblical based, affordable counselling  and prayer ministry. In addition, we would like to equip and empower those who are called into the counselling ministry through professional training. Retreats will be offered to those in ministry/leadership/management who need refreshing and are burnt out or battling with compassion fatigue.



To set up an interdenominational Christian counselling , training, prayer ministry and retreat centre that meets the needs of the community and supports the local church.


Statement of faith

We believe that Jesus is the one and only son of God who died on the cross and rose from the dead three days later. In Christ, we have forgiveness of our sins and eternal life. In him, we are restored to right standing before God and given a new life as His children. We believe that the touch of God on people’s lives brings about healing and wholeness.


Our History

Sanctuary Christian Counselling Centre known as “The Sanctuary” was birthed out of a vision laid upon Olga Frederick’s heart. The prophecy given to Olga in 2009 was just one of the many confirmations along the way that was given to her. “God is calling you to establish something in a country that is not your own. It is a small seed. It may be something small but it is some big thing that is latent and dormant. It is a vision waiting to be birthed.” Sanctuary is part of Global Mandate Wholistic Care Centres (see We are also affiliated to the Harare Christian Counselling Centre in Zimbabwe (

We look forward with faith and anticipation to your participating in God's vision for healing in this land through His church.


Meet Some of the Team Members

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